An independent IT consultancy company specialising in ACBS.

We provide a full range of development and technical consultancy services to clients using Fidelity's commercial loan products.

Professional Consultancy Services

  • Configure

    Advanced configuration, performance management, load balancing, redundancy, and failover.

  • Secure

    Enhanced security, integrity, and continuity management for first class operation.

  • Develop

    Professionally crafted solutions using a range of software languages to compliment LANSA.

Meet the team

  • Ian Knight

    CEO/CTO and founder.

  • Mary Knight

    CFO and founder.

Contact Us

ISK Technical Services BV
Meeuw 9, 1721 DD,

KvK: 69724938
ISK Technical Services BV is a wholly owned subsidiary of ISK Holdings BV, a company registered in The Netherlands, KvK: 69724946